Thursday, 15 July 2010

Another Day, Another Rejection...

This one, at least, was pleasant: a 'do-not-take-it-personally-and-your-writing-may-be-really-great-so-don't-think-there's-no-merit-in-it' etc. In fact, it was so pleasant that I can't even descend into nail-biting hair-tugging rage; it would be like slapping a kitten, kicking apart a dollhouse or similar. Nor did my lower lip wibble unbecomingly (I don't "do" crying). Still, there is a certain sense of inevitability when I receive an email from some agency or other. Not that I am in any way defeated by rejection; on the contrary, I adopt a do-or-die attitude (mantra: 'I *will* be a success, I *will*). And, of course, think of JK Rowling, Beatrix Potter and other literary luminaries who were rejected numerous times before anyone took more than a cursory look at their work.
This weekend, am going to get started on my chick lit. froth-book. Debating whether to set it in the Polo or Show Jumping world. A small prize to whomever can come up with a name for my heroine - the more improbable, the better.


  1. Ha! No, I think not: she's got to be a girl what's made good (suggested names such as Taffeta, Diamante etc)... so a name at complete variance with the Pippas and Amabels against whom she's competing for the attentions of a louche Argentinian polo player.


Life is to be lived, not controlled, and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat -Ralph Ellison