Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Who Did *You* Vote For In The Scramble For No10, Daddy?

From my customary prone position I am goggling at Nick Clegg's shameless two-timing of the Tory and Labour parties (were one's chap to behave in such a dishonourable fashion, he would be fired via trebuchet into the North Sea posthaste). The Kingmaker, whose Cheshire Cat grin is becoming more pronounced by the day, is bossing around both the parties to get the entirely unwanted constitutional reform he claims the nation 'deserves'. Doesn't he realise that he came last? And that those who voted for the Tories (or for those way back in second place, that vile excrescence on the buttcheek of the nation's politics) Oppose PR? Despise PR? Have absolutely no interest in PR whatsoever?
PR is what Clegg craves, and PR is what we've got. The nation should take its head out of its orifice and have a good hard look at the mess we're in - the backroom meetings, dodgy deals, endless non-statements and fluff news (sorry, Mr The BBC, but 'his car's just pulled up' is neither interesting nor relevant to, well, *anything*), financial markets yoyoing around the stratosphere and absolutely nothing getting done. The election wasn't fought on PR. It was fought on the battleground of providing economic stability. PR guarantees the opposite. Yet nonetheless the Cheshire Cat forges on, touting his wares indiscriminately, in order to drive the final nail through the crumbling coffin of parliamentary politics.
The Tories lost by only 16,000 votes. Not a great deal, it must be said. It is perfectly reasonable for Mr Cameron to form a minority government, were Brown not so despicably dishonourable that he refuses, leach- or squatter-like, to budge from No10, and is offering his resignation on a platter to the LibDems John the Baptist style. To all intents and purposes, the Tories came out on top. Now, the party that the majority of the country voted for faces having to stand in ignominy on the wrong side of the House and to deal with the insanity of a LibLab coalition. I can only hope that should such a dreadful thing come to pass, the lefties will make such a dog's dinner of UK politics that when another election rocks up in six months, they'll be sent into the wilderness for a few decades. Alas that so many jobs, so much industry, and so much more of this blessed England's history would be destroyed in the meantime.

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