Saturday, 18 April 2009

Self-sacrifice: Labour's Immigration Experiment

The government cleverly has managed over the past twelve years to make it so that there's no difference between state and society. I'd call that 'totalitarianism': they call it 'political correctness'. The price for going against their policies and diktats on immigration is to be shunned or arrested. In fact, the government moved pretty cannily on the Damien Green affair: they weighed up the risks and decided that to invite the outrage of the public by invading Parliament was less important than drawing attention to the content of the leaked documents.
Immigration on the vast scale encouraged by Labour has been an absolute nightmare. And it's not just a nightmare burden on health, education, housing, language, policing and resource services but on something fundamentally deeper, something one can even call 'primal'.
Blair et al have tried to sell globalisation as a 'good' thing. They claim that we can all 'learn' from each other and increase prosperity tenfold. The recent and ongoing financial crisis put paid to that lie, as has the rise of rabid extremism across our newly flat earth. Extremism is a knee-jerk response to flat-earthism, collectivism, corporate exploitation, illegal wars and corrupt, uncaring governments: it's a return to our origins. It's a return to the tribal instincts on which society were founded since humankind first conceived of 'I' and 'you' some 47,000 years ago.
The quickest illustration of how a society is formed is observing the way in which street gangs (and/or neofascist organisations) behave. Two or more individuals battle it out. Hangers-on from either side and fence-sitters support one or the other, deciding where their loyalties should lie. The clear winner develops a hierarchy in which brute physical strength, cunning, organisation and intellectual dexterity are prized; those who don't possess any of these skills become the faithful servants (or patsies). All pledge loyalty to the leader, respect to those high up in the ranks (to whose position they aspire), and would-be members are required to go through a rite of passage in order to 'belong'. Belonging is prized above all things; allegiance to the pack is something to fight for - to the death, if needs be. To gain supremacy, pitched battles are fought over turf between rival tribes. Tribes, nations, nation-states, religions: all have been formed in this way. Each tribe has some identifying series of marks or qualities that make them unique. They may come from the same place, speak in the same way, have the same appearance, follow the same belief system: whatever it may be, it is something that is peculiarly theirs. And, if there is an influx of outsiders into a particular area, they will stress their unity through stressing the importance of these symbols of nationhood and culture.
Because, you see, people aren't meant to be 'equal'. Evolution doesn't permit 'equality'. 'Equality' only exists in mathematics. Everyone's a supremacist at heart. I'm a white supremacist who believes in Chinese, and Native American, and Irish, and Angolan, and Indian, and Hawaiian, and Australian, and Malaysian supremacy. I think everyone's race is supreme, my own in particular, and I don't particularly want to trade it in for another's. And if you go around the global table you'll find most people think the same way: they're proud of their origins, proud of their country and think that they come from the best of all worlds. Attempts to make us a 'global family' speaking the 'same language' fail. Look at Esperanto - if you can even remember it.
Karl Popper wrote that a communist leadership likes to quickly, even lethally, turn absolutely every social institution upside down and inside out and remake it anew, reasoning that the pain that individuals feel is necessary in order to make a 'better' world: exactly what Blair did to make Britain 'his' through an utterly devious form of manipulative psychology. Beria would have been proud. Opening the floodgates to a seemingly endless deluge of outsiders - when historically we'd be gearing ourselves up for a good scrap with these invaders - and making them the honoured guests at our own expense has entirely disempowered anything that smacks of pre-NuLab Britain, anything associated with being British (or English, or Welsh, or Scottish, or Northern Irish). Our habits, our quirks, our beliefs, our temperaments, our mores, our doubts have been erased by instilling in people the feeling that they're not 'being good citizens'. We live in a culture of appeasement. And we know what happens when policies of appeasement are followed: 1939-1945.
Immigrants tend to be bewildered when they enter a new country: the way they behave afterwards is dependent entirely on governmental policy. And one of the greatest crimes NuLab's committed against 'Great' Britain is refusing to insist that immigrants speak the language. Thus foreign is good, British is bad: and, if you show any kind of patriotism or voice your discontent with the fact that your council tax is being spent on translating documents into 50+ different languages, you're labelled as a BNP supporter. An awful lot of politicians have been 'warning' about an increase in BNP support. Harriet Harman's one of these. She's someone who doesn't deserve to be listened to not because she's a hypocrite, but because she treats the general public like a 'mob' who will hang, to order, governmental scapegoats.
What creatures like Harman should have been 'warning' about is the effect of inserting millions of 3rd world inhabitants into a 1st world nation. Tribalism and hypertechnology, Eden and the Enlightenment are clashing furiously on every front; it is the battle of the alpha and omega, beginning and end (as Fukayama would have it) of history. The more the juggernaut of Fortress Europe rolls on dragging 'diversity' and 'global' policies with it, the greater the state of crisis we face. Man is an evolutionary creature of highs and lows striving ever-upwards, not for equality-driven flatlines. We live in the only country in the world that tries to make its 'native' people ashamed of their existence. If we do not act swiftly, we will be witness to a deadly struggle for supremacy between 'native' and 'immigrant', one that will destroy the tissue of our society and drag our country down for centuries.


  1. I resent walking into Bognor Regis dole office and being the only English language speaker. Then that night on TV tld "less than 100 Poles are claiming".I resent going to Conor Buildings (South Belfast dole) and being told I can receive no dole.While the cunt next to me has a translator at £200 per hr.Its not cos they is Polish,Latvian,Slovaks or Romanian.Its cos 6 generations of my family fought for this shit hole. Its cos when I was in Warsaw NOBODY gave me anything. Identity? Iris identity came about in 1798. Before that folks just pointed at the ground & said I am from HERE. Atsyuda. Tutyesi.

  2. I agree with OH - EXCELLENT. I am afraid it's too late for England - and perhaps Scotland as well. THey've been preparing us for this for almost fifty years through television. People who objected to immigration were depicted as stupid, old fashioned, and definitely not hip - remember Alf Garnett?

  3. I do remember Alf Garnett, the archetypal despicable, racist, bigot: a laughing-stock of inequality, I remember hearing him described.
    And what our politicians are saying now is that there can only be two modes of existence - 'globalist' or 'protectionist'; in other words, constant (im)migrational flow ('good') or shutting one's borders ('Garnett'), the latter of which is automatically linked into the fiscal policies of the 1930s. (Marx, followed by the Chicago school, certainly did their work well in integrating economics into every element of the human equation and forming policies that should better be left in the soi-distant ethical and moral realms that don't come with a price-tag.) Were we brave and if we really *did* give a damn about our beautiful country, we would say 'to hell with it' and expel *immediately* those who are single, without dependents and don't speak the language; force the yobs who leave school and go straight on the 'social' to do those jobs that immigrants are doing because they don't mind getting their hands dirty and thus dry up that segment of the labour market; drop school leaving age and bring back apprenticeships *and* a voucher system which would entitle the user to further education when they desired it (this idea suggested by Mr Natural a few days ago); get rid of so-called 'hate crimes'; cap all further immigration except for those who possess enviable skill levels and make the system work properly, rather than canning immigrant doctors who can't apply for jobs in the UK when they're desperately needed and allowing in indigent HIV positive rapists. (Whew: what a long sentence.) Language tests are a "must" (tho' we must teach our own children to speak English, too). The Tories need to 'think the unthinkable' on this one: rather than penalising the genuinely incapacitated, save an awful lot of money on providing services for any immigrant who is allowed to wander in and start claiming for houses, health etc.

  4. I've been saying this for years now and been called a few names for doing so. It's not too late for the UK to sort this mess out but we don't have a "sensible" political party brave enough to carry out the necessary steps.


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