Thursday, 5 March 2009

Daily Roundup

Oh, will you just piss off already?

-When will Islam get the memo not only that homosexuality exists, but that you shouldn't be stoned to death if you happen to be gay? Let's put a group of LBGTs and hardline Muslim kids in a room and see what happens, shall we? That should be a fun multicultural and diverse lesson. After all, NuLab's all about social experimentation.

Undeterred, mass murderer, money maker and faith's new front man is going against everything his former National Socialist Party stood for and is pushing theology as THE way to go:

The rats leave the sinking ships: the fleas leave the rats; and the BoE is making money. Not in a good way.

Beating them at their own game: al-Bashir defies arrest warrant by the ICC and kicks out the aid agencies. Says it's all a ploy to get grubby Western mitts on Sudanese oil.

To all the deluded bleeding-heart wannabe-liberal misguided uninformed fools out there who supported Hamas recently - why didn't you send one Blue Peter badge per rocket fired into Israel, while you were at it? Now Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei is back on the case, things should really heat up! (Though not in a nuclear way...)

I've a migraine so that's it. Anything to add? Post below...

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  1. The only platform Tony Blair should speak out at is at a War Crimes trial in the International Court.


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