Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Daily Roundup

I'm doped up on codeine and only have a 5 minute attention span, so only 3 stories today - all of which display the government's  extraordinary levels of authoritarinism, hypocrisy, brashness and self-righteous militancy:


  1. I'll have to catch up! I've had the flu but recovering now... that codeine certainly has a kick to it. We used to be able to get really powerful pills here (which I took for migraine), it makes you real sleepy but gives me stomach ache and "other" problems.. hope you feel better :)

  2. Glad to hear you're getting better... you've been ill for an awfully long time now! Lots of sunshine and orange juice and good books for you, madam...
    I've got moderate to severe M.E. and get really bad migraines and joint pains so use codeine to 'take the edge off' - I don't like the stuff but it's better than wriggling in discomfort!

  3. Mara, I have reposted your comment on my blog in the main body of the article. Hope that is ok.

  4. Couple of coincidences worth noting....

    Brown was given the privilege of addressing Congress (0nly the 5th PM to do so) on the very day that Ted Kennedy of Chappaquidick was granted a knighthood. And... he received the very same number of standing ovations as Blair did! Is there some relationship here? I think we should be told.

  5. Mara If you email me at henrynorthlondon at I think I can help with your ME


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