Sunday, 1 March 2009

Daily Roundup

Not that much today, as my joint pain is off the charts. Most links are to today's Telegraph. If I've forgotten anything, post below as per normal.

1) Law? Pah. Courts? Meh. A gratis Stolypin's necktie with every pension if you don't give it back even though it was approved by ministers because the government says the people's opinion is more important than the rule of law? Fred Goodwin, you have a choice of classic hemp or piano wire:

2) Ask not what the BNP can do for you, but for what you can do for the BNP:

3) Against all the evidence, Brown insists that the EU's just a-brimming over with brotherly love. I call that Munchausen's by proxy:

4) More money for Palestine, despite the fact that it gets the biggest cash handout on a daily basis in the world. This time the money will be going to - oops, my mistake - its usual pocket, Fatah, in a bid to ostracise Hamas. Ironic, when the Israeli government encouraged the establishment of Hamas as a counter to Fatah.

5) Obama's strikes on Pakistan continue, though you'd never know it. This is number 4.

6) Once Saudi and the UAE have got you jumping through hoops, your days as a world dominatrix are over:

7) It's Not News To Us: this piece was printed on an online Iranian site about three weeks ago. But it's easier to keep people hating Iran: draws their attention away from the Depression.

8) More young people are harming themselves than ever in jail. Presumably because leaving it for an open prison's not much of a prospect.

9) Expect the smashin' lootin' burnin' to resume: the mass murderer and war criminal Tony Blair popped over to Gaza for a cuppa today, dispensing healthy advice on how to create peace. Presumably by turning a country into a smoking ashtray and getting your friends lucrative building contracts. That's democracy, boys!

10) About time too: stem cell research based on skin cells, not potential human beings. Yet another essential moral issue the country wasn't consulted about.

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