Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Brownian Motion

”If there is a fault, it is our collective responsibility. All of us have to have the humility to accept that over the last few years, things got out of alignment.”

So says Alistair Darling about Gordon Brown's mismanagement of - well - everything. On the cusp of his meeting with Obama, it must be the very last thing he wants to hear: the equivalent of my asking Idi Amin who catered his finger buffet and the answer being 'why, I did'. Such shameless hijacking when Brown is out of the country trying to make nice with the big boys suggests Brown will be out on his ear or appropriate body part in the next few weeks. Still, the Master of Delusion should take comfort that his predecessor, mass murderer and worshipper at the feet of Bernays, is making a six figure sum each year by preaching to the converted, mediating between hostile Middle Eastern forces ("now, Ari and Abdullah: shake hands and play nicely") and popping up at any international gathering which didn't tell the doormen to keep him out. 
All this double-dealing and newsthink really makes me inclined to run for political office - if I weren't flattened by M.E.; pretty hard to campaign when you're prostrate - because at least I admit when I'm wrong, own up to my mistakes and try to make things right by asking others what they would like, rather than what I think they'd like. I also don't think that I know 'best' on every occasion or have all the answers; to do so is to strangulate thought, stifle debate and snuff out potential. Heigh ho, there we go.

In the news today, we learn that extremist behaviour continues to dominate the headlines: the Sri Lankan cricket team was brutally ambushed in Pakistan. Which of course will have the effect of driving Pakistan further into the metaphorical wilderness. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those related to the victims and survivors; and to the Camerons, who are going through the inconceivable pain of having to bury their child today. 
Elsewhere, 'public opinion' (for that read 'Labour pundits') is still trying to find ways of clawing back Fred Goodwin's salary. DON'T. Not unless you want to set the precedent for irrevocably breaching and breaking Contract Law in England and thus creating utter anarchy. And they're trying to force Gail Trimble into a rematch because one of her team mates graduated last year. Well, she answered all the damn' questions, didn't she? Isn't this merely going to be an opportunity to rub her opponents' noses in it for the second time in a row? Still, I suppose the resultant low self-esteem will make psychiatrists richer which, after all, is what it's all about.

I mentioned a few days ago that Lockheed Martin has developed a kind of bionic exoskeleton to rival Raytheon mechwarrior gear. It's Iron Man come to life. Unfortunately, the 'public' doesn't have a chance to question the ethical implications of developing such devices, what will happen when the other side develops the same prototypes, and how this will impact on innocent civilians (charmingly called 'collateral' in wartime). Rather than any pretence of democracy of federalism operating in the present day, it seems more that we are in the merciless clutches of totalitarianism and oligopoly. Totalitaroligopoly. God help us.


  1. 'Brownian Motion'....now there's something to make you choke on your cornflakes...how utterly, inconceivably revolting! Shame on you Mara.

    Let's all hope that Snotty McTwat will refuse his pension too..or am I like Aristophanes, dreaming of Cloud Cuckoo Land? Which takes me neatly on to......

    The debacle that is University Challenge, the Beeb can give the trophy to whomsoever it likes. It still doesn't alter the facts that CC wiped the floor with Manchester. Perhaps Manchester should have refused the somewhat tainted chalice.

  2. Sorry about that, Cato... I couldn't resist. I'm a bit of a (kosher) ham, I'm afraid...
    Since Brown seems to live in a state of suspended belief in which everything runs beautifully along his old pal Jack Stalin ne Straw's lines, I don't think he'll refuse his pension. He is the Christian Messiah Mark II, after all.
    It would have been in Manchester's best interests, yes. But who ever implied that logic is involved in the making of the BBC's policies?

  3. ”If there is a fault, it is our collective responsibility. All of us have to have the humility to accept that over the last few years, things got out of alignment.”

    I'm gobsmacked that the word "humility" has been spoken bty a labour Numpty. Superb prose as usual, Mara. Boy did Brown sqirm for some reason, today.

  4. 'things got out of alignment'

    Love it! I must remember this at my next annual review.

  5. Did you realise I am a psychiatrist?


Life is to be lived, not controlled, and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat -Ralph Ellison