Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Unamused Musings

So, not much happened yesterday. Jacqui Smith isn't going to investigated for benefit fraud. Dodgy Labour Lords have gotten off scot free. Ed Balls' depressing speech about the Depression was largely ignored, as incisive commentators all over the blogsphere predicted. Bank chiefs said 'sorry' but held on to their bonuses - questions about which were shockingly inadequate, and the opportunity to slam Brown's economic bungling overlooked.
All in all, rather dull, really; just like our society. We're not in a state of change, but flux. The great leveller of socialism which insists that everyone is exactly the same, with the same abilities and opportunities and advantages, has led to the greatest number defining what it sees the greatest good - without the nous to consider, logically, what 'good' is. In effect, it's the war of averages against the intelligentsia, and the averages are winning on the basis of numbers.
'They' equate 'good' with a want (namely, what 'they' want), and the hell with all the rest of us. But, then again, that is our greatest fallacy; when thinking of the human condition, to consider it on level of intelligence of whatever ours happens to be. In a mob rule situation, however, a lack of imagination characterises decision-making. In fact, imagination is feared and despised, and 'intelligence' is similarly frowned upon, except in the context of spying on our neighbours and ourselves. And the government plays numerous games with this mindset: it tells the mob what it wants them to hear (be it pleasant or unpleasant) in language it understands, and ignores entirely any dissent from the minority.
Which means that we have to fight all the harder. To give in to the apathetic diktats of the averages is to deny life. I, for one, am proud to stand up and say that 'I am not the same as everyone else. And they are not 'just like me'. I uphold my right to be as similar or different to the crowd. My beliefs shall not be shaped for me but by me.' Sometimes it is that little lone voice that changes the path of history.


  1. There are times in life when I feel that it might be pleasant to bang my head against the wall. Yes, I know it's painful but it's marginally less so than having to endure this bunch of clowns...I hope!

  2. Plenty happens - nobody, least of all our Great Elected Mother of All Parliaments, wants to do anything about it. Britain's collective brain is being turned into mush. Gawd knows what it will take to turn the tide... a shortage of Jaffa Cakes, maybe.

  3. I feel rather as though I should launch into Rudyard Kipling's 'If' - seems most appropriate. ?


Life is to be lived, not controlled, and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat -Ralph Ellison