Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Party Line

Hypocrisy is the dominant characteristic of the Labour party; everything is being done to us for our own good despite all evidence to the contrary, and the more it hurts, the better it is for us. But the worst of it is that they get us to do their dirty work for them; to conspire against ourselves, and we fall for it. Regularly. I'm speaking of democracy.
Ah, democracy, democracy, democracy... the breakfast of champions, the tea-time of the gods; the most equitable system in the world, the only one that is regularly reviled but clung to because 'they' claim that any other kind of politics is a damn' sight worse. Sweet democracy, brought to you by Tony Blair as part of the 'globalisation, let's follow American neo-colonial neo-conservative policies at home and abroad and aggressively sell or bomb people into submitting to our way of life'. Such is democracy, that gives everyone an 'equal' say because they are all 'equal' because they are all 'diverse' because they are all the 'same' because they are all 'different'. Wonderful democracy, allowing women and idiots to have the vote just like the men. Aren't we just peachy lucky to be living in the UK?
The government doesn't have to trumpet about democracy - or what they say passes for democracy - too much these days, because everyone else in the country, be they a WI matron or a leftie student activist, bellows about the sanctity of the democratic system on their behalf. Having only lived under 'democracy' for twelve years, they're unable to recognise it for its true self: totalitarianism. A system whereby the state intrudes into every corner of private and public life. And, what's more, people are enthusiastically taking on Campbell and Mandelson's jobs for them: thinking it's in 'our' 'best' interests to tear down the Lords, and make it a criminal offence to mention religion, and supporting ID cards and state ownership of banks. It doesn't matter what side they vote on: they're still participating in a socialist agenda. Lenin would be proud, Beria more so. One suspects that Gordon Brown's been using the latter's address on the triumph of psychopolitics as a study guide:
"The optimum obedience is unthinking obedience. The command given must be obeyed without any rationalizing on the part of the subject. The command must, therefore, be implanted below the thinking processes of the subject to be influenced, and must react upon him in such a way as to produce no mental alertness on his part."
And so socialism is capitulated as liberalism, liberalism is capitulated as democracy, and everyone ends up living according to the same agenda: a dumbed down, flatline, anodyne, anti-vital illusion. As Beria goes on to say: "If you would have obedience you must have no compromise with humanity. If you would have obedience you must make it clearly understood that you have no mercy. Man is an animal. He understands, in the final analysis, only those things that a brute understands."


  1. Isn't this where their hypocrisy takes us?

    Great post, again, Mara!

  2. A good analysis, MM.

    Nitpicking, did you mean characterised, rather than capitulated?

  3. Thank you!
    Agree completely with your post...

  4. No, I meant 'capitulate' in the rather obsolete sense of placing things within titles, divisions, chapters or as a series of continuing definitions....

  5. Brilliant post Mara, blind obedience, they cannot afford to have us discussing the wisdom of their ways.

  6. Apologies,MM, for my ignorance. I'd never come across that use before.

  7. No, no - my fault entirely: I'm rather too quaint and tend to use out-of-date or obsolete phrases. Will keep an eye on my prose in future.

  8. The trouble with this government is, it’s quintessential need to control. It has somehow acquired a God Complex. It may have started with the best intentions, one that had the ideal of everyone being equal but when those in power begin to rise and lose touch with reality it can only mean trouble!

    The true power of democracy lies in the vote, the referendum, something which we have not experienced since Labour came into power. The assumption that “they know best” has been employed.

    In effect, Democracy has been destroyed. Democracy has been “thrust upon us” by the fucking righteous. This is the right way to think, if you don’ t think this way, you cannot believe in a democracy.

    What this system does, is to condition us in to how we think a democracy should be or appear to be.

    In short, its bollocks and those that still have their own minds know it’s bollocks”

    Sorry for the swearing :) you can delete it if you want to.

  9. I won't delete the post, Sue - I agree entirely, and would go one step further: I feel that what characterises socialism is insecurity. And insecurity and narcissism go hand-in-hand. I believe that NuLab are so insecure in themselves - hence the need to 'fix' everything - that they will adopt any strategy that protects them against all manner of ills, both articulated and subliminal. It is no accident that socialism only works as a model concept; and as said model, it is perfect, a Utopian ideal. But, as Alexander Gray said, 'if any sane man should find himself in Utopia, he must flee from it, or die in the attempt': one person's heaven is another's hell, for it is like living inside the visionary's mind and being subject to all its whims and rigid belief systems and secret shames and ideologies and peccadilloes and memories not one's own. And, to go further, I think that democracy can only work in a strictly utilitarian context, and that the mob factor when manipulated by an insecure leadership poses the greatest danger to freedom, for it cares not for individuality. It cares about the whims of the many. It cares not for privacy, for in a socialist 'democracy' thoughts must be on display at all times to be eroded or tweaked or shepherded. It fears high intelligence because the greater the ability to think, the greater the ability to question, to use right reason and judgment, and the less likely the thinker is to be ruled by brute animal passions; they cannot be distracted by lusts of the flesh or eye-catching gimmicks or anything less than the truth. And, for the insecure, the truth is something that they fear most of all, for they seek to rewrite themselves and the world in which they live as something better, something more ideal: exposure of their shortcomings elicits a knee-jerk, vicious response. Your thoughts?

  10. Great post.

    And please keep using the out-of-date and obsolete phrases. I may not know what they all mean, but they are a big improvement on all the trendy neologisms.

    And they also help edukait fules laik mee.


Life is to be lived, not controlled, and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat -Ralph Ellison