Friday, 27 February 2009

The First Daily Roundup

If you have any more examples, please post them below.

1) Work and home blurs into one:

2) If you don't like it, ban it:

3) Keep them stupid, keep them down: how can socialism work if there's no-one to help?

4) ...And look at the kind of creeps they deem good for education!

5) Don't stand outside a station. In fact, just don't stand anywhere.

6) Hutton's sorry about 'misleading' statements on special rendition. That's called 'lying', John.

7) Leaders 'impatient to run Iraq', says Miliband. Yes, they were fairly impatient to do so *before* the War started.

8) Don't forget: if you're buying booze, BB will be watching:

9) Poor? Tough. The Council lost your money and they're going to charge you for it:

10) And don't forget that humanity is evil and not to be trusted. Ever.

11) If you're gay, you're now 'entitled' to IVF at the taxpayer's expense. Great news for all those heterosexual couples that have been queuing up for years and the taxpayers who weren't consulted.

12) Government breaking its own laws for criminals. Really puts everything into perspective.

13) Bugger biology: why bother learning about zygotes and the loop of henle? After all, we don't need a medical profession:

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