Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Devil's In The Detail

Though you wouldn't believe it from our jingoistic, gung-ho media (for those that own the various media groups also happen to be involved in everything from arms manufacturing to supplying bodyguards, electricity and housing) Iran isn't creating the bomb.

This should have been fairly evident when one intellectual midget, desperate to find the case for Middle-East Armageddon, claimed Iran was synthesizing nuclear weaponry from both uranium and plutonium.

One wonders whether our news channels will deign to report this latest intelligence, or whether they'll continue to trot out their teams of 'experts' to refute the idea that not everyone wants to engage in endless, devastating, costly, bloody battles along the lines of Iraq and Afghanistan.


  1. Aha but the UN Nuclear watchdog said Saddam didn't have nuclear weapons didn't they?

    Oh wait... he didn't. Bugger.

  2. Interesting, though with the caveat that Press TV is financed by the the Iranian Government.

    LPUK Leader is appearing on Press TV panel next week with an MP, a Journalist and a couple of others- Just how corrupt are our MP's- always useful to know what the agenda is beforehand !

  3. Very interesting indeed - will be very eager to know the outcome of the Panel meeting. Could you keep us posted?

  4. Well, proof or not, the Americans do not need to justify their actions - the Monroe Doctrine makes this clear, though of course, they also act in a totally arbitrary way, as they did with Iraq, and without the approval of most other countries.


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