Friday, 27 February 2009

Crackpot Hysteria from our Big Brother

Wandering around the blogosphere and looking through posts about Home Education, I found this:

"...On the Facebook group, I noticed a post from someone saying that she knew of 3 families who were warned to remove their public blogs by social services or further action would be taken, because their blogs showed photos of their children learning. Having the photos there apparently put those children at 'serious risk'"

Presumably, taking children out of the house poses a serious risk because someone might see their faces.

Many thanks to for alerting me to this latest piece of insanity.


  1. Precursor to putting the girls in hijab

  2. Er... How sick is this getting? Were they naked pictures? I doubt it.. people are proud of their kids. I have one of my grand daughter on my personal blog.. it's social services that are sick, they've obviously been thinking stuff we wouldn't dream of in a million years!

  3. I agree with both comments - Aeneas over at Beer and Sandwiches is a million times better than I at showing how sharia's creeping into everything; but I think there's something else at play too.
    If I go to my old school's website, the front page shows some first or second formers participating in a science experiment. There have been no suggestions that established schools remove any images of children. Nor have there been any demands - coercive threats, no less - that the media refrains from showing pictures of children. The Home Ed. children were merely studying in the photographs. Independently. Away from the state. Freely. And this is what the State hates: any attempt to act independently of it. The appalling David Semple has stated arrogantly that state educators have an absolute right to scrutinise home ed.; that home ed. must be subject to rigorous monitoring and control. The bottom line is clear: find a way to act freely and they'll punish you for it.


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