Friday, 23 January 2009

Measures of Destruction

The middle classes have been attacked by Labour - again. (Gasp.) This time, it's not because they've got nice windows and don't live in the middle of a sink estate. It's because (shock horror) they might have a large glass or two of wine when they get home from work. (Cue outrage!) Of course, this can't be allowed to happen. Being middle class is absolutely indefensible by socialist standards and actually enjoying it is a shootin' offence; having enough cash after tax to squander on a nice bottle of Chateauneuf after a long day engaged in designing a new hospital or representing a human rights case or asking 200 people to say 'aah' is, well, criminal. There's no other word for it. Otherwise how could the cartoonish Dawn Primarolo come up with such guff as 'initial tracking from our Units campaign, launched in May last year, shows more people know how much is safe to drink and know how many units are in their drinks.' Reading this, I have the sneaking suspicion that she's got her press release mixed up with that of Weightwatchers. The bottom line is that the so-called 'recommended' amount's a load of old tosh - it's evident that 50-60 units a week will start to curl your liver, but 22 for a woman? come on. This is just another example of the Nanny State butting in; and it certainly makes me want to head down to the off-licence and buy my weight in Petit Chablis. Hopefully others will be popping corks all over Middle England tonight and toasting the un-Gay Gordon's downfall.

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