Friday, 30 January 2009

Delusional Government

Delusion: a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self which is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary.

I saw a rather lurid made-for-television drama the other day about Munchausen Syndrome by proxy - a condition in which injuries are inflicted on another, gradually worsening in severity, to gain attention and/or sympathy. In the film, a mother was making her child ill in order for everyone to see what a good mother she was. Whilst you're untangling that logical progression, I'd like to go one further and compare Munchausen's Syndrome by proxy to the mindset of the government.
It tells you that things like CCTV on every corner, being arrested without charge and having your emails and phone calls snooped on is for your own good because it will make a 'better' kind of society. It tells you that your information should be accessible to one and all without your consent to make your life easier. It tells you that if you're an Oxbridge graduate you're screwed because it's pursuing a policy of 'positive discrimination' against those who are intelligent and well-educated. It tells you that it's going to take all your money to shore up an economy it destroyed and it's sure you won't mind because, after all, you're 'British' and the 'British' are used to being 'resilient'.  (Don't worry that there's no such social definition as 'British' any longer, especially since Brown banished Britannia from our currency.) It makes it quite clear that it's useless for you to protest; and then, when a few things are working well, it tears them apart so that it can be seen to be 'doing' something.

Such delusional behaviour was exhibited, yet again, by Jacqui Smith, who's still trying to flog the idea that people want to be fingerprinted and charged a ton so they can be stopped every five seconds by power-crazed bureaucrats who have the 'right' to make them prove that they are who they say they are... uck. Smith's trying to make out that various cities are really keen to get on board: Manchester's a 'strong contender', apparently. Lucky Manchester. Forget the fact that the public doesn't want them, they're far too expensive, and they won't stop terrorism any more than a passport would. 'I certainly think Manchester will be in the running,' said she. What an honour.

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