Saturday, 24 January 2009

Brits Don't Belong

The New Economic Foundation has discovered Britons are the most alienated from their society and their country. The government's not worried, though: they've come out with their usual psychobabblic crap in a statement that says nothing over 3 lines:
"We recognise that young people are a key part of society and play a crucial part in in addressing issues following their communities. That is why the government is working hard to give younger people greater influence over the local decisions that affect them and more opportunities to get involved in their communities."
Greater influence? Opportunities? Tripe!
1) RIPA (
2) Citizen Information Project (
3) Transformational Government (
4) ID Cards (
5) The Service Transformation Agreement (
And so on, and so on. How the dickens are you supposed to empower yourself when you're not given the space or privacy in which to think and your government distrusts you to the extent that it regards each and every one of you as a potential 'national security' risk and, on this basis, pries into every aspect of your existence?
The only opportunities young people have to influence current events under this government is by calling a premium rate number and voting for some drone to win Big Brother.

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