Friday, 26 September 2008

Aye, Aye, Aye: I feel like Carmen Miranda

Or maybe just Miranda, a prophetess of doom. I predicted that the financial institutions of the world would come tumbling unmerrily down and they are. Doesn't seem to be stopping McCain from turning our impending penury into a political sideshow, though, or this morning's announcement in the Washington Post: that a bill which contains a heck of a lot of fiscal issues, from lending money to the automative industry to saving up for the 2010 census, has also set aside: '$630 billion for Defense, Homeland Security and Military Construction/Veterans Affairs. Those measures devote $487.7 billion to defense, $39.98 billion for homeland security, and $72.9 billion for military base construction and veterans' health care.'
At the same time, Bush has managed to push through some very, very worrying pieces of legislation on to the statute books. The moratorium on oil drilling off US coasts has been allowed to expire - because of the threat of a presidential veto. Not only this, but US foreign policy, it seems, is not only running amok: it's being contracted out. Contractors are now permitted to interrogate suspects. Baghdad's lost its power (what power, we may ask?) to authorise what US troops can or can't do in Iraq. One can only surmise that if there's another slew of torture allegations, the US DoD will be able to bury them for years under 'investigations' (shorthand for 'go away and stop bothering us so that we can write a report at the last minute, three years from now, when everyones' forgotten about it'). Terrifying stuff. Not quite as terrifying for me, though, as the fact that Bush was trying to get Congress to agree a $14 billion cut in welfare, healthcare, education and cancer research - yet is now telling America that it, the taxpayer, has no option but to lend the top 1% richest in the country 50 times that amount.

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