Friday, 16 May 2008

Things That Irritate Me.

1) Queuing.
2) Oikishness.
3) Spitting.
4) American TV shows that purport to be set in England where everyone is apparently Cockney, owns a full set of Coronation china, and lives either in a hovel or a castle. We don't find it charming. Please stop.
5) Gordon Brown.
6) Gordon Brown's Cabinet. What a front bench! Gladstone Mark II, Anne Robinson on steroids and an ageing Harry Potter. If only Brown had Gladstone's ability to run a government.
7) Tax handouts for middle-income earners. How cynical. All of us are burdened by horrendous bills. 
8) Orientalism.
9) Neo-Conservatism.
10) Being told that if we eat too little/too much, drink too little/too much, sleep too little/too much, we are going to die. Horribly and painfully. After having spent too much NHS money (far better to be used for abortions and fat pay rises), for which we should feel guilty, of course.
11) Political correctness. The greatest bar to free speech that exists.
12) Democracy. Better known as Mob Rule. (demo+kritos)
13) Apathy.
14) Liberalism. It breeds terrorism. See Berman's Terror and Liberalism.
15) 'National security'. Sieg heil.

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