Friday, 16 May 2008

The Stupidity of Fame

So TMF, in all their wisdom, have decided to show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. Again. As if it weren't bad enough that the world was subjected to so much stupidity the first time... I am conscious that in commenting upon Jessica Simpson's undeniable imbecility I am merely adding to the many thousands of articles, soundbites and take-offs that have followed that 'lady' through her failing career. But there is something so compellingly awful about the calamitous passage of a peroxided, meagerly-talented harridan that one cannot help but to recapitulate some of her worst gaffes. She appreciates being compared to Imelda Marcos. She believes that dolphins and chickens arise from the same part of the animal kingdom. She has no idea how to spell 'lose'. And has never heard of bludgeoning or battering. Her favourite word is 'cute' (nauseating). She is a compulsive spender with the philanthropic (figure out how to spell that one, Jess: remember how much trouble you had with 'Massachusetts'?) sense of a City trader. It is sad, that in a world that has so much richness, so much with which we can be fascinated, that the faceless be-suited network moguls think it right and proper to bombard us with images of the untalented - and to try to make others emulate them. No job prospects? No problem: go on big brother. Can you sing one note in five in key? Fine: go on American Idol, or get chosen to join yet another apathetic girl group/boy band, whose idea of writing a song is to change a classic 70s number's time-signature and pass it off as their own. Make a fortune, believe that you are above having a social conscience and, if you're very lucky, they may give you your own TV show. 

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