Friday, 16 May 2008

Equality Bites

The greatest failing of this Government (and there are too many to count) is that they took a successful form of government which was being unsuccessfully run, and pulled out every single lynch-pin that held it together: and it, like society, has plummeted into chaos; the chaos of 'equality'. Rather than acknowledging that their theory of social advancement has failed, they prefer to use those great liberal buzz-words: 'equality' within a 'transparent', 'accountable' 'society'.
 Liberalism, the 'great leveller', which claims that everyone is absolutely equal in every way, has had the effect of destroying individuality, muffling the voices of those who protest against being lumped in with everyone else. It isn't fair to put up someone with an average IQ against an Oxbridge student; so lean on Oxbridge and get them to lower their entrance requirements, thus bringing down the standard of education for the rest of us. Manners? Schmanners. Don't strangle your child's liberty or right to self-expression by daring to tell them off. In fact, your child is your equal and, under various bits of recent government legislation, in some ways your superior: they are in some ways akin to the nasty little Nazi beasts who could inform on their parents if they held a prepubescent grudge. White? Sorry: you don't fit the quota; the government needs to keep up it's 'equal opportunity' monitoring. If you dare to mention your discontent with such a system, you automatically are labelled a member of the BNP. Gay marriage? The Guardian lambasted Boris Johnson for disagreeing with this latest innovation; the liberal mafia, with their insistence on 'caring' and 'sharing' steam-roller over those who possess an opinion contrary to theirs. What they fail to realise is that many gay individuals don't want to be seen as the 'same' as heterosexuals - as indeed, they are not: there's a huge difference in sexual orientation, to start with... They will not recognise that there are many of us who were happy with the status quo prior to their explosion on the political scene; and though we would all wish to be treated fairly, 'equality' is the enemy of liberty. But they can get away with it by insisting that 'equality' is for our own good; and thus the Philosopher Kings gain an ever-greater stranglehold over the population, so that there is not a single act of human behaviour that has not been legislated for, and the only freedom that we possess is 24 hour supermarket shopping.
Aux armes, citoyens! Or we may find our numbers tattooed on our wrists yet.

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Life is to be lived, not controlled, and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat -Ralph Ellison